So, relatively soon, I think I need to decide what to do with the software that “powers” this site. It’s a mishmash of Perl and PHP code that’s been written on an as-needed basis and some of the original parts date back to spring, 1999. As you have probably noticed, it’s missing some of the whizbang features that all the other kids have access to these days, like comments, trackback, categories, and other things along those lines.

The question at this point is whether it makes more sense to use one of the many fine weblogging packages out there to maintain this site, to add features to the current software, or to write all new software that has all the features that I want. I already have Movable Type downloaded and covertly installed in a directory on my Web host, I think I’m going to figure out whether it will meet my requirements. I looked at it the other day and found it lacking in some ways, but it may be worth settling on so that I don’t have to maintain this software myself.