A few weeks ago the results of a Zogby poll taken in Iraq were much discussed in the media and in the weblog world. Yesterday, James Zogby (who runs the Zogby poll), wrote an op-ed aimed to disabuse people of the false conclusions that were reached based on intentional misrepresentation of the poll’s results. One wonders why you have to go to the Arab News to read this piece, which probably should have run in the major US papers. I had read a blog entry somewhere a few weeks ago providing more context for the poll results, but Zogby’s piece indicates that the actual poll results are exactly the opposite of what the administration portrayed them to be. Does that surprise you?

Update: someone tells me that James Zogby is the brother of the guy who runs the Zogby poll. Looking at the Zogby International about page, it seems John Zogby runs the poll, and no James is listed at all.

Another update: Simply typing James Zogby into a Google search reveals that he is president of the Arab American Institute. He and John Zogby (of the Zogby Poll) are, in fact, brothers.