My initial reaction to the news of our killing 54 of the guerillas who ambushed the money convoys in Samarra on Sunday was skepticism. Honestly, 54 seemed like a huge number to me, and I suspected that we were getting gamed. Other people who actually did more than listen to an account of the attack and response on the BBC have been thinking about it, and it looks like the initial accounts were way off. For example, a writer to Juan Cole expresses some reservations about the official account. Jim Henley gets right to the heart of the matter. Reporters on the scene have said they saw less than 10 bodies, and some of those dead people were civilians. The military says the attackers carried away the bodies, but they also say that the attacks were launched by two teams of about 30 attackers. Needless to say, that means that 6 people carried away 54 bodies while under fire from armor and helicopters. Does that sound right to you? You’d do well to read all of Henley’s surrounding entries; many good points are made.