Anil Dash pointed to this interesting piece on how Tivo ignores its best asset, rabid fans. The lackluster success of Tivo is utterly amazing to me as a Tivo user. I got a Tivo because all the people I knew who had them wouldn’t leave me alone about how great they are. After I bought one, I started bugging everyone I knew about how great they are. Such is the transformational nature of Tivo ownership. I tell everyone I know that the beautiful thing about Tivo isn’t that you’ll watch more TV (which seems to be the great fear non-Tivo users have), but that you’ll watch the same or less TV and watch the shows that you actually care about. I can truthfully say that since buying a Tivo, I have almost never watched a show that I didn’t intend to watch before it aired. Anyway, the point of this entry isn’t to gush about Tivo, but to point you to an article that explains how Tivo squanders most of this good will to its own detriment.