I thought I’d post a little bit about my job search, since that’s what’s consuming my thoughts if not my actions most of the time these days. Things seem like they’re less bad now than they were at the beginning of 2002, the last time I found myself looking for a job. The market for contractors seems pretty active, and I’ve had a couple of near misses on full time opportunities. On the whole, though, it seems like the job opportunities are far less interesting than they once were. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of entrepreneurship going on right now, at least where I live, and it doesn’t even seem like there are a lot of projects with any ambition in the staffing up phase of things. It also seems like many of the openings around here are state or federal government related.

That said, it seems like things really started clicking in general last week. The beginning of the year funk finally seems to be wearing off and I’m talking to more people. On the downside, I haven’t done (or even read) much technical stuff at all lately. I think my mind is taking a break from programming while I’m out of work, because I haven’t accomplished anything, even on personal projects.

Update: I’ve really sucked at keeping up with email lately, too, even though I don’t have anything better to do. My apologies.