McDonald’s is dumping Super Size menu items. I often complain to my wife that restaurants have, over the years, resorted to shovelling ever larger amounts of food at their patrons to make price increases seem reasonable, and the portion size arms race at fast food restaurants over the past decade or so has been absurd. When Chicken McNuggets were introduced, the standard serving was 6 nuggets. Now the Chicken McNugget Value Meal includes 10 of the nasty little grease wads. When fast food restaurants first arrived, the standard adult meal was what you’d find in a child’s meal today. Fancier restaurants are no better — the amount of pasta served with most entrees at midscale restaurants is insane. I guess that’s how you justify charging $13.95 for something worse than mediocre, but I generally find it offensive to good taste.

Update: Apparently everything is getting bigger.