By now everyone has read that the Socialist party beat out the incumbent Popular Party in Spain’s general election yesterday. The big, inevitable announcement has been that Spain is going to pull its troops out of Iraq ASAP. Right now, I’m just reading other people’s analysis — I certainly don’t have an informed opinion to offer. Here’s some of the stuff I’m reading:

  • The New York Times reports that the votes against the Popular Party may be punishment for trying to pin the attacks on the Basques rather than al-Qaeda.
  • Billmon says straight out that the outcome was a loss for President Bush and a win for al-Qaeda.
  • Max Sawicky surveys the popular weblogs that I never read.
  • Bruce Rolston turns what starts as a comment on Spain’s elections into a sobering comment on America’s upcoming election.
  • Jim Henley offers some insight.

One quote from incoming Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero seems to indicate that he (and perhaps most Spanish voters) don’t see the war in Iraq and the fighting terrorism as parts of a larger whole. In addition to referring to the occupation of Iraq as a disaster, Zapatero had this to say on terrorism: “My top priority is fighting all forms of terrorism. My first initiative will be seeking the political support to focus all our resources in this direction.”