USA Today has depressing news from Iraq, in the form of a poll that shows that the majority of Iraq want Americans to get the Hell out of their country. When this all started, it was generally believed that what America would need was the willingness to stay the course and help enforce the peace in Iraq for years. It seems apparent at this point that if we’re Iraq much longer, it will be as part of an unwelcome occupation rather than as an appreciated stabilizing force on the country. Before the war, I had no confidence that the Bush administration would succeed in its efforts, it’s too allergic to feedback, accountability, and pragmatism. What I feared most, though, is that we’d pull out before a real democracy was established, leaving an Iraqi version of Islam Karimov in charge. I honestly didn’t think that things would go so badly that Iraqis would this basic loss of faith, but our inability to provide even the illusion of security from day one of the occupation has cost us our credibility, I think.