Eliot of Follow Me Here responds to my item on Ted Rall yesterday. Suffice it to say that I agree with Eliot’s post and I don’t agree with Rall’s cartoon — he’s giving Rall way, way too much credit. In reading the cartoon, I don’t get that Rall is using Tillman as a symbol for the young American taken in by the rhetoric of the day at all. Maybe that was his intention, but he failed if it was.

Oh, and one other thing. Rall is a straight up liar. In his article he protrays a US general as saying, “We’re attacking Afghanistan to get al-Qaeda, which is based in Pakistan and funded by Saudi Arabia.” I’m disgusted by the lies on the pro-war front, but this is just as stupid a lie. Rall may hate how we conducted the war in Afghanistan, or that we even attacked Afghanistan, but to pretend like Afghanistan wasn’t the home base of al-Qaeda and that they didn’t have a symbiotic relationship with the Taliban is just blatant dishonesty.

For more on Pat Tillman the actual person, check out this article.