As you probably know, I’ve experimented with just about every news reader that will run on a Windows box, and more than one server hosted RSS reader as well. (I even used the old Netscape news reader that was part of My Netscape back in the day.) Anyway, after a couple of months with Feed on Feeds, which I really like, I’m considering wholesale migration to Bloglines.

Feed on Feeds is simple, and great, and completely under my control. The problem is that my subscriptions list has gotten rather large, and it takes about 10 minutes to update during the day. The problem is that Feed on Feeds doesn’t have a no-brainer way to mark items read and unread, so what I usually do is update everything, read it all, and then mark all the new items as read. If I set things up so that the feeds were updated in the background via a cron job, it would be a pain to keep track of what I have and haven’t read. Bloglines handles all of this a bit more elegantly.

The Bloglines Mozilla Toolkit is another compelling reason to think about switching to Bloglines. For now, I’ve moved all of my baseball-related subscriptions to Bloglines, and I’m trying that out. (Yes, I subscribe to lots of baseball-specific blogs.) If all goes well, I’ll switch over all my subscriptions.