Gmail is perhaps the most threading-oriented email client ever. If treats threads of messages as individual items, and doesn’t even give you the option of viewing messages outside the context of their thread. I like this approach, especially for mailing lists. The intelligent grouping of messages means less clutter in your in box, for one thing. I find, though, that the threading has a strange psychological effect on me. Seeing an archived thread that I’m not interested in back at the top of my in box because a new message has been tacked on can be depressing. Most threads I just want to go away, but some pop back up over, and over, and over, with the current count of messages right there staring me in the face. I’m not sure why this haunts mre more than just getting an individual item from a thread in my in box in my old school email client, but it does. It’s like the moments at the end of a scary movie when they guy everyone in the audience thinks is dead rears back up one last time. Maybe they need a command that says, “automatically trash or archive any further emails in this thread,” so that uninteresting threads die and stay dead, at least as far as I’m concerned.