A couple of weeks ago I started using del.icio.us as a link manager. I run across stuff every day that I want to keep around for future reference and browser bookmarks just aren’t the right place for them because I use a different computer at work than I do at home (just like most everyone else). Also, for whatever reason, I’ve never been able to deal that well with bookmarks. They just become a morass of links that I never bother to go through again. I generally just remember the URLs of sites I use a lot and type them in myself. Anyway, I’ve really taken to del.icio.us, and I find that not only is it a nice organizational tool, but it does serve as a useful adjunct to rc3.org for links that are interesting but that I don’t have much to say about, and there’s an RSS feed for my links over there if you’re interested.

What I’m finding particularly interesting is that the links I wind up saving over there are almost all about technical stuff. For whatever reason, the differences between my weblog software and del.icio.us seem to cater to different parts of my brain. I’ve been contemplating changing the software I use here, and now I’m starting to wonder how a different tool would affect how I decide what to write about.

Update: Also, it’s worth pointing out that I can get a lot more done if I get rid of my own personal “not invented here” syndrome. I could have written something like del.icio.us for myself relatively easily, but not as easily as just signing up for the service. And I’m getting around the fact that I can’t see any stats on the del.icio.us RSS feed by running it through FeedBurner. The Web really does seem to be the API these days.