Anyone else think that John Kerry has chosen John Edwards as his running mate in large part to counter the current Bush campaign accusation that Kerry isn’t an “optimist.” I guess the whole flip flopping thing is old news now, because it seems like since Ronald Reagan died, Bush and company have been roaming the streets telling anyone who will listen that they’re optimistic and that Kerry isn’t fit for the Presidency because he’s too pessimistic. Needless to say, John Edwards’ perpetually sunny disposition will certainly add an air of optimism to the Kerry campaign — Edwards seems to have a knack for appearing cheerful and hopeful even when he’s going on at length about just how screwed up the country currently is. In any case, I’m glad Kerry chose Edwards, I think he’s better than any of the other options, and I’d like to see him get another shot at a Presidential nomination down the road.

Update: And to add just a note of puzzlement, is anyone else baffled by the Republican strategy of pointing out that Edwards was Kerry’s second choice behind John McCain? I’m not sure how crowing about the fact that John Kerry, accused of being a typical Massachusetts liberal, wanted to include a moderate Republican on his ticket is productive for the Bush-Cheney campaign. “In this era of increasingly polarized politics, that rotten John Kerry wanted to work with Republicans! What’s wrong with that guy?” Umm, OK. (For what it’s worth, I thought a split ticket was a bad idea and I’m glad that Kerry and McCain didn’t wind up on the same ticket. I like John McCain, but I’m perfectly happy with him where he is.)