With the exception of getting rid of popups, I generally prefer not to block advertising on Web sites. If a site is funded via advertising, then I think the ethical thing to do is download the ads if I’m getting value from the content. (Except for popups because, you know, they really suck.) Well, I have an ongoing problem with BlogAds that I’ve mentioned before. When I open a page that publishes BlogAds in Firefox, I’m often forwarded to a page that contains only the contents of the BlogAds frame from the page I actually wanted to see. Usually I can see the content I actually wanted after I hit the back button, but sometimes that won’t work and I just get repeatedly forwarded to the page containing only ads. I’m tired of putting up with that, so I installed the AdBlock extension for Firefox and blocked all content from BlogAds. It’s unfortunate that it came to this, because I would generally prefer to support the types of sites that rely on BlogAds for some of their revenue.

Update: I’m finding out that BlogAds is providing advertising for a lot more sites than I originally had thought, judging by the lack of ads I’m seeing on sites I frequent.