Reading this and this and this, I can’t help but get the feeling that we’re losing in Iraq. Put aside the fact that Moqtada Sadr is a theocrat and a crazy person with no legitimate political agenda, and consider the fact that US planes are bombing Shiites in Iraq. How badly did we have to screw up for it to come to this? I could understand why we had a running fight with the Sunnis in Iraq, they were the privileged class under Saddam’s rule and they had the most to lose when America took over, being that they’re an ethnic minority in the most resource poor region of the country. But the Shiites are supposed to be the big winners in the occupation — how did we get to a point where we’re bombing them in their cities. At this point, on whose behalf are we fighting?<br/ >
Update: What do you know, Fred Kaplan weighs in today to say that we’re totally screwed. The scariest thing to me is that the neocons have apparently forgotten about the wreckage we’ve created in Iraq and are eager to see if we can turn Iran into an utterly failed state as well, thereby connecting the tattered husks of Afghanistan and Iraq and creating an unbroken band of totally gutted countries.