I don’t really need to type up a long endorsement. Anybody who follows this site knows that I’ve been opposed to President Bush since he announced that he was running for President. Since he was elected, we’ve learned that the reality is even worse than the promises made during the 2000 campaign. What I’m surprised to learn is that I’m enthusiastic about voting for John Kerry. He’s not the ideal candidate, but my ideal candidate does not exist. A Kerry victory would be a beginning, not an end. This country and this planet need a lot of help.

For weeks now, I have been fairly certain that John Kerry was going to lose, but as of today, I feel certain that Kerry will win. The race is close enough now that the late breaking undecideds (who have historically abandoned the incumbent) will throw the race to Kerry. I also bank on the fact that the people least likely to be represented in polls are most likely to vote for Kerry. My prediction is that Kerry will wind up with more than 300 electoral votes. I hope I’m not wrong.