So there’s this show on ABC that I like to watch. It’s a reality show called Wife Swap, which sounds really stupid, but is actually hilarious and sometimes even educational. Fox has a really crummy show that’s a knockoff called “Meet Your New Mommy” or something stupid like that — it has actually been on longer but the truth is that Fox stole the idea when they heard about it and rushed their show onto the air. Anyway, the catch is that you have to watch this show this season. These shows were all recorded before any of them aired, and they carefully selected the participants for maximum entertainment value. Now they’re asking people to sign up for the show, and everyone who’s on it in the future will have seen the show and adjust their behavior accordingly. The only way reality shows really work well (unless there’s a compelling competition) is if the fish bowl is really a fish bowl. If the fish know they’re in an aquarium, the entertainment value isn’t there. Right now it’s great TV. Don’t miss it.