It’s hard for me to see how any person of conscience could read this and support Alberto Gonzales’ nomination as Attorney General. (Via James Wolcott.)

Update: Mark Danner has a New York Times op-ed today under the headline We Are All Torturers Now. I find it disturbing to wake up in the morning and remember that this is a country where we have leaders who authorized and ordered torture, tried to hide it, and now simply pretend that the torture that has been fully documented did not happen or did not meet a definition of torture that I think everyone could agree on. A country where we have a leader who talks inspirationally about spreading freedom and democracy but instead has brought the tactics of the worst dictatorships in the world to America. For all the talk of morality in this election, this is a country that doesn’t have much in the way of a conscience.

Another update: Mark Danner appeared on Democracy Now today to discuss Gonzales. Here’s a transcript.