This week’s tempest in a teapot here in the weblog world arrived when Michael Gorman, the president-elect of the American Library Association fired a broadside against weblogs in general as a counterreaction to a vicious response from bloggers to an op-ed he wrote about Google in December. I really have no desire to attempt to defend weblogs or the people who write them from these kinds of attacks; it should already be ovious to anyone I’m interested in communicating with that blanket attacks on all webloggers based on the worst characteristics of some of them is just another form of bigotry. What I’ll bet Mr. Gorman didn’t know, though, is that some of the best and oldest weblogs are written by his constituents, other librarians. I was curious what they had to say. Jessamyn West, the dean of librarian/bloggers, responds and has rounded up some interesting responses from other librarians as well.