My company is trying to get FogBugz 4.0 up and running on one of our servers, which happens to run a Linux distribution that’s not supported by Fog Creek Software right now. There’s also a limitation in the product, described here, wherein the maintenance script (written in PHP, naturally) can’t connect to your FogBugz instance if it’s running on a secure server. Well, I went in and replaced their code (which uses raw socket calls), with some code that uses the PEAR HTTP_Client package that handles SSL properly.

That says something for the power of scripting languages, if nothing else. I was able to go in and work around a problem with their software just the same as if it were an open source package. I think our sysadmin is even going to send them the patch (not that they’ll use it). Anyway, it was easy to fix, our software works properly now, and I get to gloat a little bit. A good day over all.