So I was reading this old weblog and saw a link to this list of the first 25 blogs (scroll down). Here’s his comment about me: (March 4th 1999) with a simple UNIX/Win32 API link! These were in the days before “I blog for Kerry”.

Ouch! To be honest, I was known more in those days for being an anti-Microsoft ranter. Once the findings of fact were issued in the Microsoft antitrust case, I sort of lost all my anger (about that) and moved on. While that post is actually the first stored in my crappy homemade content management system, the real archives go back to December, 1998. It only took a few months for me to quit blogging Rebecca Blood-style. (And in truth, even before I migrated the CMS to my hosting account, I had it running on a local machine, producing static files that were uploaded by a script.)