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Anybody know why I get ye olde “500 Internal Server Error” from mt-comments.cgi from Movable Type whenever I post a comment? Is everybody else seeing that error as well?

Generally such errors mean that the script is not generating a Content-type header before sending printing out the actual content of the page. What’s probably happening is that some error or debug message is being printed unexpectedly, but I have no idea where. If nobody pops up with an easy answer, I’ll be forced to figure it out for myself.

Update: I’ve talked to a couple of commenters, and they’re not seeing this bug. (And I just posted a comment and didn’t see it either.) I’m thinking it may be something obscure like signing in using TypeKey and clicking on “Remember Me.” More research necessary.


  1. Hmm, I’ve signed in with TypeKey, and selected to Remember Me, so let’s see if this works.

  2. yeah, it’s working fine for me.

    when you gonna get the green templates done? the tiny font an blue is killing me. i keep forgetting that i’m looking at rc3 😉

  3. it’s broken for me with the remember me on

  4. well, i guess it’s posting but i’m getting the error.

  5. I saw it once, but I checked and the comment had been posted. I haven’t seen it since then.

  6. Rafe, if you get it again, check your server’s error logs immediately. You should be able to find the real error message there. Drop me a line if you catch it.

  7. I just got it, btw… If you check the date stamp on my last comment, you should be able to find the corresponding error message in ther server error logs.

  8. Hello, I wrote from Polen. I had similar problem and you should check php configuration file.

  9. Hi, I had also SPAM problem and I installed mt-blacklist! It’s a great comment-spam-filter! I use it for weeks and am perfectly happy with it.

  10. This is a great site, but parts of it can’t be seen while using Firefox.

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  12. Since MT-Blacklist does not work with my Movable Type installation and the MT admin interface for comments is slow as fuck I created my own interface for removing comments.

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