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Changing hosting providers

I’m making a change to a new hosting provider. I’ve been testing TextDrive for the past couple of days, and have found that things that were not working at all at Pair.com work just fine at TextDrive. I think a lot of the problem is that Pair.com’s software is, for the most part, old. Especially on my server, being that I was a customer for more than 8 years and things hardly changed in that time.

Naturally there’s going to be some domain name messiness for a little while until things get sorted out. Hopefully you’ll stick with me through it. If you run into any problems, please send me email at [email protected], or just leave a comment on this entry.

Until the DNS is switched over, requests to rc3.org will be redirected to rafe.textdriven.com. If you go to rc3.org and stay there, you’re getting the fresh DNS info.


  1. Whoa! Are you dropping pair altogether? I moved to TextDrive on their limited lifetime plan they offered a few months back so that I could get better Rails support. I still have my pair account lingering around with a couple of deadbeat clients I need to kick off.

    I’m mostly happy with TextDrive. They’re clearly not as organized as pair.

  2. I’m probably going to drop Pair altogether, I don’t want to have to pay for two different hosting services. I may downgrade my account to the cheapest instead.

    There are a number of things I like better about the way TextDrive does things than the way Pair.com does them, but I’m sure I’ll also run into bumps as well. For starters, TextDrive is hosted by theplanet.com, an ISP that I have been rather unimpressed by in the past.

  3. Textdrive is great in a lot of respects. I don’t you’ll have regrets. 😉

    They’re clearly not as organized as pair.

    Well, I would rather sait this way: they always have an open ear for suggestions and questions, which is especially nice if you want something not as common.

    My experience with “well organized” big hosts have been that this organization is mostly based on the fact, that they never make exceptions for anything or anybody. Though I don’t have any first-hand experience with pair.

    As for The Planet: http://forum.textdrive.com/viewtopic.php?pid=39862#p39862


  4. That’s funny, I have been contemplating moving to pair after getting frustrated with all the bumps in the road that TD goes through as a start-up. Interested to see what you think of it after living the TD life a while.

  5. I suppose it’s too late to recommend Dreamhost (yes, I put my affiliate link in there).

  6. I have been thinking of switching hosts (combination tools/support/cost – I’m with Kattare right now and it’s expensive) and for me it has come down to Dreamhost and TextDrive. Good to see others are talking about them here too.

  7. Welcome to the gilford neighborhood

  8. I like the idea of TextDrive, but not the execution (their default PHP install is a little nightmarish).

    And personally, I’m wary of efforts that are not the primary business of the people involved — especially when it involves my data and my own business.

  9. I think it was a pretty good choice of yours. I used TextDrive for some time.

  10. If you ever need to switch hosts again please check out my website at http://www.thehostguru.com , I list only reputable hosts.

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