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Have a nice trip

Yes, the amount of time President Bush spends on vacation still ticks me off.


  1. Me too!!!

    And somebody please tell me…HOW do you fall off of a STATIONARY BIKE???

  2. Its better that way. Just think how much damage he could do if he put his heart and soul into it.

  3. Presidentin’ is Hard Work, Rafe.

    (BTW: I feel a bumper sticker idea coming on. “President Bush. Even the French work harder than he does.” Should serve the Instaidiotarian crowd nicely.)

  4. “Spending time outside of Washington always gives the president a fresh perspective of what’s on the minds of the American people.”

    When the frell was the last time El Presidente was allowed within 500 yards of any of the “American people” who weren’t pre-screened? Does the figurehead-in-chief even know that they’re being pre-screened?

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