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Factcheck.org’s problems

Mark Schmitt has a post explaining why factcheck.org is unreliable. I’ve referred to that site on a number of occasions, and will probably stop doing so in the future. The site promotes itself as in impartial arbiter of the truth of various political claims, and seems to fail in that role. I’m glad someone is calling them out on it.

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  1. Sounds a bit like shooting the messenger because he picked the wrong side one too many times. I read all sides of several of the Factcheck posts, and I suspect some of the Factcheck points are biased and incorrect… but a great deal less biased and more accurate than all the other voices.

    It is too much to expect an idealistic site to be completely reliable as an independent arbiter. Factcheck’s opinions should be taken, like all, with a pinch of salt. But (to complete the run of cliches) don’t throw the baby out with…

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