Tonight I did a bit of work on creating a comment feed for the site. It was my first foray into Movable Type templates, and I give Six Apart huge credit here — hacking on Movable Type templates is dirt simple. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a bit of a problem.

When I created my comment feed template, which looks something like this one, I discovered that for my installation the MTCommentEntry tag just doesn’t work. (The tag indicates that you want access to the properties of the entry to which the comment you’re currently processing belongs, triggering a database lookup I assume.) When I add it to a template, processing just stops at that point. Once I have that kink ironed out, though, I’ll post the source to the template I created.

Update: From the release notes of Movable Type 3.2 beta 4:

Fixed a bug which caused MTCommentEntry to malfunction in dynamic category archives (Case 12356)

Bingo. Upgrading now.

Another update: Everything is working as expected post-upgrade. Here’s a link to the feed, and a link to the template that I use to generate the feed.