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You’re making me sick

I just happened to see live video of FEMA chief Michael Brown pretending to brief President Bush on the current situation in a hangar in Mobile, Alabama. It was just about the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I hope someone posts the video somewhere, as it was truly a sickening farce. Not least of which because the stuff Brown was telling him was stuff that everybody already knows, but also that it was obviously meant to suggest a level of engagement with the situation that we should simply be able to assume. What is it with this President and pretending to work? He pretended to be a fighter pilot, he pretends to be a ranch worker, and now he has to stand in front of the press and pretend to be getting the situation on the ground from the most incompetent jackass on the planet.


  1. no one belives that Bush is really that engaged. The sign of a good leader is that he isn’t engaged in the day to day operations of something like this. He should just be able to say “go fix this” to the FEMA rep and it would be done. You can always tell how good a leader by the people they hire. Bush loses on that count.

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