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As discouraged as I am by nationwide politics, local politics here in Raleigh, NC are actually pretty gratifying these days. We had a municipal election on Tuesday, and we reelected our progressive mayor Charles Meeker by a wide margin, and also elected two progressive candidates to at-large seats on the city council. In one of the suburban districts, which had previously elected a hardcore right winger, the progressive candidate lost to a moderate Republican by less than 1% of the vote. At least around here we seem to have our heads on straight. Maybe it will spread.


  1. Do you know about orangepolitics.org? Group blogs from friends of mine down your way are involved in.

  2. (Clearly I need to not talk and post at the same time, trying again)

    Do you know about orangepolitics.org? Group blog some of my friends down your way are involved in.

  3. I’ll never understand how Meeker got elected by an overwheling majority. I would think building the convention center after it was voted down would be enough to get him ousted. I guess the folks that voted against the bonds don’t really care?

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