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I have to commend President Bush for picking a nominee for the Supreme Court who has a real judicial track record. Nobody has to wonder where he stands on the issues. Unfortunately for the country, where he stands is on the far right end of the political spectrum. Not only does this guy not want to legislate from the bench, he doesn’t want Congress to legislate either. Now we get to have a real fight. We’ll probably see very little of the tea leaf reading that has been a tradition with most Supreme Court nominations, and a lot of bare-knuckled brawling over the role of the judiciary, the federal government, and the future of the country. That sounds like a good fight to have to me, and it’s a debate that I’m eager to engage in.

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  1. I think he’ll be confirmed. There are too many republican automatons in congress now….and the democrats as a unifed group are, as so many like to repeat, too spineless.

    granted, i think it’s shitty that senators hve to “unionize” in order to pass or thwart legislation that some of them may actually respectively oppose or support, but i also think that there are limits for every principle. the principle for intellectual independence on the side of the democrats is simply over for the time being. until the republicans stop putting mind-less yes-men and hacks into office, the remaining thinkers have to consolidate.

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