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TextDrive acquired

Well my current hosting provider, TextDrive, has been acquired. I’m sure the forums will be abuzz with discussion of what this means for customers. The fact that I missed the window for buying a lifetime account due to sheer procrastination is looking more fortuitous all the time.


  1. God, that press release is so full of buzzwords that it’s painful to read!

  2. Eh, John Gruber of Daring Fireball works for Joyent…they can’t be that bad. Of course, I don’t have a Textdrive account, so I’m not worried at all 😉

  3. ugh…. if you read through the comments, they’re treating the “vc” customers in a fairly hostile manor. Requests for some sort of clarification of what lifetime means now are being handled, well, let’s just be civil and say they aren’t being handled.

    worst. customer service. EVAR.

  4. I’m so glad I bailed on them after a week or so of fighting their weird Apache-PHP setup.

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