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Alito: oppose to the death

Not that any Democratic Senators read this weblog, but I’m writing a brief note anyway that I believe that the Samuel Alito nomination is one that Democrats should be prepared to fight until the bitter end, taking advantage of any parliamentary loophole they can to put an end to. From everything I’ve read, Alito is exactly the worst kind of judge to put on the Supreme Court at this moment in history. I think that most people are only now wakening to the dangers of the imperial Presidency, unaccountable to Congress and unchecked by a passive judiciary. I honestly don’t believe that there’s any judge in America more likely to defer to executive power than Alito, and the idea of his nomination going through sends chills down my spine. It’s do or die for Democrats as far as I’m concerned.


  1. Sing it, brother…. I’m taking the Scotch down from the top shelf tonight and will keep it out and close by… as I have a bad, bad feeling about this….

  2. I’ve long suspected that when it comes to Supreme Court nominations, Bush would be happy for everyone to fret over the abortion issue while he picks someone who serves some other purpose for him. I used to think that other purpose would be somehow pro-big-business, but recent developments lead me to the same conclusions as you, Rafe.

  3. Trackback seems to have borked again. FWIW, I’m with you.

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