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Snapper and the Wal-Mart death spiral

Next time I need a lawn mower, I’m buying a Snapper.


  1. I read the article yesterday. Great read. Of course, you’ll be buying that lawnmower from your local, independent power machines dealer.

    Last year, we were in need of a new lawnmower. After some research, we decided on a Honda based on their good reputation. I found that Honda lawnmowers are sold by local, independent dealers and by Home Depot. I also noticed that the models sold at Home Depot were different from the ones sold at independent dealers, but I didn’t think much of it. We ended buying a Honda at Home Depot.

    After reading this article, though, I wonder if Honda caved to the price pressure from Home Depot and created a cheaper line of mowers for Home Depot that somehow skimps on the quality that gives Honda mowers such a good reputation. I hope not. I’ve been very happy with the mower so far. We’ll see if I’m still using it in ten or fifteen years.

  2. And when will you be needing a lawn mower? You seriously crack me up!

  3. I don’t have a lawn right now, but I actually love mowing the yard. Someday I will mow again!

  4. Snapper and Wal-Mart

    Fascinating article about Snapper lawnmowers, and the reasons why they pulled their products from the shelves at Wal-Mart. Definitely worth…

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