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Will Firefly change TV?

Universal Pictures has put up a Web site to get an idea how many people would pay to watch season 2 of Firefly. Obviously it’s good news to Firefly fans that the show isn’t just dead in the water, but it’s also an interesting experiment. Can a huge online fan base provide enough revenue to support a television series? I guess we’ll find out.

Update: In answer to a question in the comments, I said Universal Pictures put up the Web site based on the whois entry for fireflyseason2.com. It may turn out that I spoke too hastily — I’m not sure what “UP.BSE” means exactly, but I guess it has something to do with the brilliantscreen.com email addresses associated with the domain registration.


  1. $2 a episode on my iPod? Hell yes.

  2. Is there something on this site that indicates it was put up by Universal, as you say?

  3. Before you get too excited, you’ll definitely be wanting to read this message-board thread. There may be some shenanigans at play.

  4. Something about that site triggered my “dont give them your email” spider sense. Not sure what it was, but the subconscious was definitely turned off.

    Of course that doesn’t mean it wasn’t produced by Universal as Big Media isn’t exactly at the top my most trusted list.

  5. Jeremy from FireflyMovie.com here. Hopefully I can clear up a few things. Early last week I spoke with the folks in charge of this project, and I genuinely belive they are not up to any shenanagins. Is there project a long shot? Probably. Please do read the message board thread above to get a full account of the give and take on this issue.

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