This morning I’ve discovered that a lot of the Unix-ish stuff on my MacBook is dead, due to problems with libraries that think they’re on the wrong architecture. For example, Quicksilver is crashing due to problems with Perl on the MacBook, and Darwinports won’t work for similar problems with TCL. Oh, the pain of being an early adopter. Once I’ve figured out how to solve the problem I’ll update this entry with what I did.

Darwinports: To get Darwinports to work, you have to reinstall from source. There’s no universal binary yet.

It’s worth noting that some Darwinports binaries work fine, I assume due to the magic of Rosetta. The problems come into play when scripts are tied to native code and have to specify a processor architecture. They’re set to mach-o rather than i386. I’m still trying to figure out how to get around that.

OK, now I’ve uninstalled Darwinports. Hopefully the default OS X Perl is in better shape. (… and it is. It seems to just work.)

After nuking Darwinports and updating the HTML::Parser module from CPAN, I have Quicksilver up and running again.