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The MacBook Pro is hot

The MacBook Pro is hot, and by that, I don’t mean that it’s the subject of much lust and attention. I mean that you could use it as a portable camp stove. After using mine for a couple of weeks, that’s my one big complaint. It’s fast, it has worked like a charm, and the display is wonderful. The problem with it is that the area where you place your left wrist when you’re typing gets rather hot in normal usage. It’s distracting enough that I sometimes sit and think about what applications I’m using might be causing it to heat up. Trying to change your usage patterns in order to make your computer run cooler generally isn’t ideal.

That said, I’m not giving it back.


  1. I’ve had mine less than 24hrs, but I’ve noticed the same thing. But, it is still cooler than my previous HP/Compaq laptops.

  2. IT IS SO FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im positive that if i stuck it in water it would steam.

  3. Mine too – but more so on the back than the front

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