I’ve not been all that interested in the latest setback for Windows Vista, mainly because I live in Mac world these days. My Windows PC, which I use for games and to run Eclipse, works perfectly well with Windows XP. Anyway, what I am interested in is the fact that immediately after admitting to the Vista delay, Microsoft put a new guy in charge of the Windows group. I know that they had to replace Jim Allchin before he retires, but the timing sure makes it look like they’re acknowledging that somebody screwed up. I’ll be keeping an eye on Mini-Microsoft to see what the rank and file think about all this.

Update: It just occurred to me that Microsoft was probably already planning this reshuffle (you don’t plan these kinds of big changes overnight) and that they announced the latest delay at this time so as to avoid making the new guys do it. The old leadership was responsible for the delay, so they had to announce it. The new leadership starts fresh out of the gate with a new, now more realistic date to hit.