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Screenshot app for OS X

Any recommendations for OS X screen capture applications other than Snapz Pro? It’s a fine application but it’s not compatible with my MacBook Pro.


  1. People have been talking about iShowU. I haven’t checked it out yet — but kind of weird for a screen capture app to not have a screencast showing it’s features.

  2. There’s FlySketch: http://flyingmeat.com/flysketch/

    (I’m biased though, since I wrote it.) No movies however.

  3. I just use the one hiding in Preview until the File->Grab menu.

  4. If you’re wanting screenshots of web apps, Paparazzi is excellent. You can capture the entire page (not just what is currently showing in your browser window), set size, crop, choose output formats, etc. And it’s free.


  5. Here is a great widget that I use that may be useful to you, http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/developer/screenshotplus.html

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