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Tinderbox for Ruby on Rails applications

This is a sort of lazyweb request. Anybody know of a tool like Mozilla Tinderbox for Ruby on Rails applications? What I’m looking for is an application that will periodically check out a Ruby on Rails application from version control, run all of the tests, and publish the results of those tests and a test coverage report on a Web page.

At work we have three or four Ruby on Rails projects under development currently, and it would be great to have a single page where anybody could quickly assess whether we’re testing everything that needs tests and that those tests are actually working.

It doesn’t seem like something that would be too challenging to write, but it would be great if somebody has already done it.


  1. The Rails folks themselves have something called CIA (Continuous Integration Adapter — what else could it possibly stand for?). Googling around should find various HOWTOs, etc….

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