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Ceca in Wikipedia

Looks like the article on Ceca, a Serbian pop-star/ultranationalist figurehead, is missing a bit of information. The article on her husband, Serbian war criminal Arkan, needs some work as well.

To me these sorts of articles are some of the most interesting cases for how well Wikipedia works. They are obscure to most Americans, so partisans can easily skew what is becoming the historical record for people like Ceca. The concert review describes her as an unrepentant supporter of her husband’s program of ethnic cleansing. The Wikipedia article treats her as a generic pop star, despite some discussion of incorporating her baggage in the article.


  1. No offense, but if you think the article is not objective, why not log in and fix it? That’s the beauty of a wiki, isn’t it? Fixing a broken article would be of more value to the internet community than blogging about its shortcomings.

  2. Normally I would, but I don’t feel like I’m expert on the topic to do a better job. The issues have been discussed on the Talk page by people who seem knowledgeable. That’s kind of the weird middle ground with Wikipedia. I know something is wrong but not enough to feel like I could get it right.

  3. Right. why bother even mentioning this if u say u dont have knowledge about her… shes the most popular singer in serbia clearly, i went there as a tourist and everywhere i went i heard the name CECA. Her new album had just come out at the time, and every cafe, club, resturant i entered her songs were getting played over and over… Ppl love her. Nothing more 2 it.. 😀

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