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The independent state joke

I guess today I’m just going to comment on stuff I saw at BoingBoing, but I couldn’t pass up the story about the “independent state” of Sealand being destroyed by fire yesterday. If you haven’t read about Sealand, it’s an offshore platform that was turned into a “micronation” by its owners. You can read all about its history at Wikpedia.

The biggest fans of Sealand are anarchists, libertarians, and other folks who believe that government is a nuisance best done without. Unsurprisingly, however, the self-reliant residents of Sealand did not rescue themselves, instead a whole battalion of first responders from various UK agencies made their way out to Sealand to put out the fire and fetch the residents. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

For what it’s worth, the UK never recognized their sovereignty anyway.

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  1. Fans of Sealand are people who’ve never looked that closely at its proposed hosting option. We spent a while trying to pin then down and running the numbers back in 2001. Its a scam + wishful thinking. (the last of which at least anarchists tend to have in abundance)

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