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Growl! and iTunes

I just installed the Growl plugin for iTunes today, and I’m completely mystified by something. It displays album art that I don’t have in my iTunes library. How does that work? Where does it get it?


  1. I’ll wager a guess that it’s Amazon. That’s where most of the other iTunes utilities (Synergy, etc.) look.

  2. See here:

    “Starting with Growl 0.6, GrowlTunes can get artwork from Amazon.com. (Growl 0.5 came with a version that did not have this capability.) If GrowlTunes does not see artwork in the current track playing, and it also does not see that the album artwork was previously downloaded, it will download the track. GrowlTunes does not write this information to the track, but instead to files on disk. GrowlTunes will place the downloaded artwork in your home directory, in Library/Images/Music.”

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