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Movable Type and Atom feed upgraded

This morning I actually took the time to update Movable Type to version 3.33 and I updated the template for the Atom feed from version 0.3 to version 1.0 (a long overdue change).

I’m also getting rid of the RSS 1.0 feed (found at /index.rdf) and soon I’ll probably move the Atom feed to /index.xml and retire the RSS feed.

Update: How do you get Redirect directives to work with the rewrite tricks that Movable Type requires in your .htaccess file? My redirect for the RDF index isn’t working at all, I assume because the rewrite rule is eating all of the requests.

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  1. I was just looking through the new MT dist. I think what you want is a rewrite rule before this catch-all generated by MT::App::CMS.pm:

    RewriteRule ^(.*)\$ $mtview_server_url [L,QSA]

    If you want the RSS fetches to go to you atom feed, you can preceed that line with:

    RewriteRule ^/index.rdf /index.xml [R]

    to explicitly redirect.

    If you feel comfortable that feed readers are smart enough to prefer Content-type headers over file extensions, you can do this to transparently serve the Atom without a redirect:

    RewriteRule ^/index.rdf /real/path/to/index.xml [T=application/atom+xml]

    IOW, if the feed reader is retardedly ignoring the “Content-type: application/atom+xml” response header, then this won’t help… and a lot of the non-mainstream feed readers are really retarded

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