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Vernon Robinson and Jesse Helms

Jesse Helms’ black hands ad is one of the most infamous in US history. Running against an African American, Helms engaged in race baiting of the purest form. He won the race in the ugliest manner possible.

Here in North Carolina, we have a crazy person named Vernon Robinson running for Congress. Robinson is an African American, but is politically to the right of Jesse Helms. (He’s to the right of anyone you have ever known of.) Robinson has repurposed the ad (with the same script) to attack illegal immigrants. Robinson is a special kind of screwed up.


  1. JHFC on a crispy toasted Cheesit! American politics really are a little different.

  2. Apologies to Will Durst, but Robinson is slightly to the Right of Pol Pot….

    Only time I’ve ever actually screamed at my TV screen for a political ad.


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