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A new opportunity

California is trying to convince some of its prison inmates to volunteer to be sent to privately managed facilities in other states in order to ease overcrowding in its prisons. How do you encourage people to volunteer to be relocated to Tennessee? Two words: marketing video.

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  1. New York had a problem with convincing other states to take their garbage* (recall the trash barge that couldn’t find a home).

    I wonder why states are willing to take Cali’s Inmates when many places are experiencing prison space shortages?

    *I do not imply that inmates are garbage. Anyone who’s had any contact with the Criminal Justice System in this country will realize that the odds are stacked against any defendant, innocent or not. In my experience of watching courtrooms, convictions seem to be based upon money (fines) and the judge trying to “look tough” on crime so s/he can get reelected.

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