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What’s a mooninite?

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has the definitive post on the “bomb scare” in Boston. Bruce Schneier is worth reading on this subject as well.

By the way, I have seen Fox News as being partly complicit in this fiasco but haven’t made the connection. If you can explain Fox News’ role, please do so in the comments.


  1. what do you think of the fact that the guys scheduled a press conference, at which they then refused to answer any questions not related to hair styles (especially of the 60s and 70s)?? maybe I don’t know enough about their performance art goals, but that seems like a poor way to use the opportunity to expose ridiculously overhyped public fear . . .

  2. They’re not going to comment upon any aspect of the case, lest the AG use everything and anything they say in court.

    Some might say that actions [of the govt/msm] speak louder than words…

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