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A pipe from your Netflix queue to your DVR

I’m just linking to this because it’s an extremely cool idea:

I would love to see a Yahoo! Pipe (or program) that set my Windows Media Center to automatically record movies from my Netflix queue, and then remove them after they are successfully recorded (am I asking too much?). For example, the Turner Classic Movie channel is many of the Academy Award winners, so why should I rent them?

This would be brilliant. I don’t think Yahoo Pipes is necessarily the right tool for the job, but something must be. You can program your Tivo from a Web interface, that seems like a start.


  1. This a a good idea, but I’m not sure I’d like Netflix to be my point of reference. I’ve been away from Netflix for a while, but at the time I left they did not have some movies or shows that I wanted to see. Some may not be available on DVD yet. Letting that wish list control your DVR might not be the best choice. Now an online catalog of movies and TV shows – like IMDB – that had the ability to create lists for shows you would like to watch (Netflix or DVR – which ever comes first) or buy (Amazon wish list) would be nice.

  2. That would work as well. I already have a big list of movies in my Netflix queue, though. Recording them without thinking about it would be most excellent.

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