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On the topic of eMusic

eMusic has released a preview of their new download manager, which looks like an attempt to provide features like the iTunes Music Store interface in iTunes. The current manager is just a helper application that I assume is primarily designed to only let you download the tracks that you have paid for. The new application is based on Fifefox and written using XUL. Slick.


  1. there’s a great eMusic plugin for the Firefox based Songbird, in case you’re interested. it’s ideal because there’s no need to tell the player about the downloaded tracks – they’re integrated into the library automatically, as they are in iTunes.

  2. The current download application is very similar to any of the download managers out on the market. But you can also re-download any tracks your have already paid for.

  3. Scott- do you know of any other download manager that is cross-platform (win/mac/linux) and built using XUL?

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