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Mitt Romney is the pro-torture candidate

Mitt Romney made some provocative statements about Gitmo and torture in the Republican debate Tuesday night, and followed up yesterday with even more comments on how he feels on the subject. In his quest to portray himself as a tough guy, apparently he feels we should shed our treaty obligations and our existing military regulations regarding treatment of prisoners. Just what America needs, another moralizing jackass who feels like the laws of this country should be subordinated to his whims.


  1. America does not torture people. If you want some examples of torture, then you can check the examples I posted at napoleon15.blogspot.com Sleep deprivation and other interrogation methods do not constitute torture.

  2. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  3. Romney was just starting to look like the least pandering one of the bunch to me, too.

  4. ~ other interrogation methods do not constitute torture.

    Okay, I’ll bite. What methods, specifically, are you claiming “don’t constitute torture”?

  5. What I was saying was that the US military does not condone torture. The interrogation methods that I have heard about are hardly on a scale with what has been practiced by Saddam Hussein, Nazi Germany, or Imperial Japan, yet some individuals like to compare the US to those others.

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