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Mall of America

One thing stood out to me about Dave Winer’s painful experience of trying to go to a clothing store and buy a jacket — every clothing store he went to before he got to REI is actually owned by the same company.


  1. pls sent me how i get a fair job in usa sent me some name of company that required for vacansy


  2. Interesting. The thing that stood out for me about it is that someone in this day and age would actually walk that close to the “speak English in America” line. Like was the clerk really not speaking “jiberish” or was Dave just having a hard time with her accent? I’m sure it wasn’t great customer service, but geez.

  3. The ‘fluent English, the language of our country’ stuff struck me, too. It’s not some commie (or do we say ‘terrorist’ now?) plot against us WASPs. It’s the frickin’ Bay area; the stores are just serving their clientele.

  4. Yeah I’m with Jessamyn, Dave’s attitude about the Gap employee creeped me out. And based on what I know of Mr Winer, him misinterpreting the situation would not surprise me.

  5. Yeah, the “English first” stuff was definitely bizarre.

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