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Movable Type 4

I just upgraded to Movable Type 4. The process was dirt simple and it appears to have worked. Now it’s time to dig in and see what some of the new features are.

Update: Turns out I created a few issues by mucking around. Looks like I have some work ahead of me …


  1. Well, it looks like styles are sorta odd in Safari. This read great in NNW in the table view, but not via http.

    The only real horror story I’ve heard is someone who posted in some copies of entries with smart quotes and hosed his DB.

  2. It’s totally hosed in all browsers … hmm.

  3. Aye, cap’n, she was awash on the rocks of a dastardly template, but now good luck and good tides have pushed ‘er back into the bay of readability. Arrrrr!

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